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Compare financials of Two or More Stocks

March 16th, 2010 No comments

If you are looking to compare technical information or key metrics like Market Value, Revenue, Net Earnings, P/E, Profit Margin, Dividend etc of two or more stocks, then check the sites listed below. All the popular sites like, and others will allow you to compare stock charts, but not the detailed financial information.

Smarty Money – Stock Compare
SmartMoney will allow you to compare and analyze any number stocks at a time. They also have an applet version of the analyzer will only allow you to compare three stocks. Included below is a screen print of the smartmoney website.


Nasdaq – Stock Comparison
Nasdaq will allow you to compare up to a maximum of five stocks. The will even allow you to compare stocks that are not traded in their exchange.
Included below is a screen print of the Nasdaq stock comparison website.

If you know any better websites for comparing technical information of stocks, feel free to comment.

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