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Enable boxing errors in Eclipse

September 16th, 2010 No comments

Java 1.5 (5.0) and above support autoboxing conversions for primitives and wrapper objects. This will unclutter the code and give more flexibility to programmers, however this can have a negative impact on performance and can cause some unexpected behaviors. (Use boxing with care).

Eclipse by default will throw a warning if there are boxing and unboxing conversions in the code. If you want eclipse to throw an error during these conversions, follow the steps below –

Eclipse –> Window –> Preferences –> Java –> Compiler –> Errors/Warnings


If you want to learn more autoboxing in Java click here

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How to increase server timeout in eclipse?

February 4th, 2010 No comments

If you are running JBOSS or other servers within eclipse, and your application takes more than 50 seconds to launch, then you might see a similar exception – “Server JBOSS was unable to start within 50 seconds. If the server requires more time try increasing the timeout in the server editor”

To fix this timeout in eclipse (Galilieo), go to Window -> Show View -> Servers -> Click on server name -> Increase start timeout.

If you are using an older eclipse build (Europa or below), then go to Window -> Preferences -> Server

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