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Email to Fax – FREE

November 16th, 2006 1 comment

TCP Fax offers a service that enables you send fax from your email, for free. To send your fax via e-mail, start your mail software and compose a new e-mail message.

An example:


This will send a fax to the number 495-968-2590 (the first ‘1‘ at in the fax number is the country code for the USA)
The coversheet will look like this:

Please deliver to:
Arlington Hewes
Room 403

Before you try, check whether your fax number is covered:


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Hide batch command window

November 8th, 2006 7 comments

If you are trying to run a Java Swing application by clicking on a batch file in Windows, you will see an empty command window and the swing application. There is no one magic command that will hide the command window, but here is a little script that will do the trick –

Files: MyApp.jar, AppStart.bat, run.bat

java -jar MyApp.jar

@echo off
set VBS=”%TEMP%\HideCmdWindow.vbs”
if exist %VBS% goto Runit
@echo dim obj, obj1, obj2, objArgument>%VBS%
@echo Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)>>%VBS%
@echo Set objArgument = Wscript.Arguments>>%VBS%
@echo obj = WshShell.Run(“AppStart.bat“, 0)>>%VBS%
@echo set WshShell = Nothing>>%VBS%
set param=%*
set param=”%param:”=“`%”
cscript //nologo %VBS% %param%

Start your application by clicking on run.bat and the command window should be hidden. You should implement this only if you do not wish to see the debug/error statements thrown to the command window.


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